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RoBoost defines the new generation of Robotic Process Automation. By learning directly from users’ actions and behaviours, it requires virtually zero implementation time and is able to replicate tasks immediately.

Effortless Automation

RoBoost learns your actions by simply observing your behavior.

Cost and Time Savings

Concentrate staff on Productivity - let RoBoost do the mundane work.

Seemless Collaboration

Share RoBoost workflows with others. Collaborate to save time and cost.

Why SmartSense Reports are best ?

Business Optimisation

SmartSense identifies processes and workflows across your entire business. Quantifies performance and highlights optimisation points.

Increased Efficiency

SmartSense experts refine these processes to deliver Operational benefits (faster, better and cheaper business processes).

Key Performance Indicators

SmartSense identifies performance metrics and creates reports for management analytics.

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We deliver software solutions to operate in high-complexity environments and achieve challenging business objectives.

Robotic Boost

Effortless Automation

RoBoost provides a quick and easy way for users to automate their mundane tasks. Hundreds of user hours are spent on manual processes such as writing standard emails, copying data from one format to another, filling in timesheets, filing expense reports, etc With RoBoost you can automate these process.

Seamless Collaboration

RoBoost simplifies collaboration by providing single-click task sharing functionality. For example, the client can create and share a task to onboard a new client. Another executive can import this shared task to his personal task library and execute it with a single click.

Increase Productivity

With RoBoost micro and macro Cognitive automation, your organization can achieve huge cost savings by automating tasks and freeing users. For example, you can use RoBoost to automate manual processes such as Billing Support, Order management, Invoice matching, Account Reconciliation, Access Control, Payroll, etc.


Redesign Business

SmartSense automatically discovers and analyses business processes to give you the true cost of these processes. For example, in a financial services firm, SmartSense discovered that for a Customer Service Agent (CSA) to process a request took on an average of 9 minutes. The total cost of this process was $1,800,000 annually (required 45 full-time employees to process these requests).

Boost Efficiency

SmartSense experts refine processes to deliver Operational Excellence .For the above firm, SmartSense experts discovered that the CSA had to use excel spreadsheets containing complex business rules and enter data between multiple applications. They proposed a refined business process with SmartSense to automate data processing and switching between systems which reduces average time a query.

Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicator(KPI) is generated for employees to measure the productivity and efficiency of individuals on a daily basis. Reports can be reviewed by individuals and higher authorities. For the above firm, SmartSense identified employees actions and on the basis of action, it divides tasks into categories such as productive and non-productive.And thereby reducing average execution times by increasing the overall productivity.


Industry Applications

Finance and Banking

In their quest for digital transformation, banking organizations and other financial institutions have established themselves as the early adopters of smart technologies. But these organizations still need to strike a better balance between the front and the back office, while becoming faster and more reliable. Delivering more consistent services to the customer is paramount in the current digital economy.


Most insurers today are facing one set of distinct challenges: How to create dynamic, high-growth business while managing risks and reducing costs? The enterprise applications within most insura nce companies are 10 to 30 years old and they do not provide the functionality and capabilities required to meet the expectations of today’s customers.


As patient numbers grow, healthcare providers are challenged with managing levels of inventory, supporting digitization of patient files, optimizing appointment scheduling, and executing billing and claims processing.ThinkSense can alleviate these operational pain points and drive enhanced efficiency and growth. Healthcare industry can realize 36% automation with a 40% reduction in operational costs.

Public Sector

Similar to commercial organizations, the Public Sector faces issues that require immediate attention: from a high volume of work that blocks productivity, to employee shortage, from frequent regulatory and policy modifications to insufficient collaboratory tools to allow different departments to synchronize.


As more and more people turn to telecommunications companies to keep them connected with diverse, global networks, these companies must compete with one another to provide the fastest, most affordable, and cutting-edge services. But, many telecom providers are burdened with rapid growth and large volumes of operational processes—managing data, controlling cost, increasing business agility.


Manufacturers already implement physical industry robots to assemble, test, and package their products. Despite these robots being able to help streamline the assembly line, the manufacturing industry still struggles to maintain control over managing its back-office and operational processes.

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