Business Process HyperAutomation…Made Easy

Robotic Boost

Effortless Automation

RoBoost provides a quick and easy way for users to automate their mundane tasks. Hundreds of user hours are spent on manual processes such as writing standard emails, copying data from one format to another, filling in timesheets, filing expense reports, etc With RoBoost you can automate these process.

Seamless Collaboration

RoBoost simplifies collaboration by providing single-click task sharing functionality. For example, the client can create and share a task to onboard a new client. Another executive can import this shared task to his personal task library and execute it with a single click.

Increase Productivity

With RoBoost micro and macro Cognitive automation, your organization can achieve huge cost savings by automating tasks and freeing users. For example, you can use RoBoost to automate manual processes such as Billing Support, Order management, Invoice matching, Account Reconciliation, Access Control, Payroll, etc.

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